At Mainstreet Automotive, we strive to offer the best service and repair options available for you! We specialize in general automotive care, brakes, oil change, engine & transmission maintenance, service and repair, lift and lowering kits, and so much more!

Man's hand finger pointing to the old, damaged and worn black tire tread. Change time. Tire tread problems and solutions concept.


When you have correctly aligned tires, it’ll help reduce tire wear and ensures your vehicle travels straight without pulling to one side or another.



AC Services

If you’re ever experienced AC issues with your vehicle, you know how uncomfortable driving can be especially in the middle of oppressive Arkansan summers.

newton tire alternator

Alternator Repair

Your alternator supplies electrical power to your vehicle’s powered components when the engine is running and charges the battery when the engine is off.

Auto mechanic replacing car battery


Your battery supplies electric energy to the ignition system, starter motor, and the lights of your vehicle.


At Mainstreet Automotive, we want to you always feel safe and comfortable in your vehicle. Your brakes one of the most important safety features.


Engine Maintenance & Repair

Your vehicle’s engine is a complex machine with dozens of moving parts, and as the miles add up over time it becomes necessary for maintenance and repairs to be performed to keep it in peak, running form.

Car Mechanic Fixing Tie Rod and Steering System While Being Under the Vehicle. Car Maintenance in the Professional Service.

Drivetrain & Suspension Repair

The drivetrain and suspension systems are critical components of your vehicle, not only for their functionality but also to the integrity of your vehicle and the safety of yourself and your passengers.

diagnostic car computer

Computer Diagnostics

Modern vehicles have at least one (1) computer system installed onboard. Its main function is to monitor and adjust engine and transmission operations in your vehicle.

Car headlights with power buffer machine at service station - a series of CAR CARE images.

Headlamps & Rear Lights

It’s easy to notice when you have burnt out headlight. Though many drivers aren’t aware that other exterior lights will go out as well.

Male mechanic refilling car oil in service center

Oil & Filter Change

At Mainstreet Automotive, we truly understand this and strive to help you prolong the lifespan of your vehicle through properly maintenance and repair services.

Green led headlights with lens on green modified tuned car. Custom car

Custom LED Lighting

If you’re looking to make your vehicle stand out from the masses, one of the best ways to do so is have LED lights installed.

Mechanic adjusting tire wheel at repair garage

Lift & Lowering Kits

When you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle and replace your stock suspension with a lift or lowering kit, we’re here to help you get it done correctly.


Install audio in a car. Car audio.

Stereo Installation

At Mainstreet Automotive, we specialize in automotive stereo installations. All our audio installations are designed to look factory-installed and give you reliable sound and service for years to come.

A male mechanic with a can spray gasoline into the intake manifold to start the car during engine breakdown of the ignition and fuel supply system in a vehicle repair workshop. Auto service industry.

Intake System Service & Cleaning

Your vehicle’s fuel and air intake system can suffer from the accumulation of outside contaminates on the valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers that’ll result in loss of power, hesitation, or a rough idle.


Performance Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system on your vehicle guides exhaust fumes away from the engine, usually to the rear.

Check Car radiator,Check car yourself,Car maintenance,Check water in Car radiator self.

Radiator Services

The radiator circulates coolant through the engine block to cool your vehicle’s engine and prevent it from overheating.

Car transmission.

Transmission Services

Your transmission is one of the most crucial components for ensuring that your vehicle runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Man's hand finger pointing to the old, damaged and worn black tire tread. Change time. Tire tread problems and solutions concept.

Tires, Wheels & Rims

Tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, and modern safety technologies like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control cannot operate properly if your tires don’t have adequate grip on the pavement.

Broken Car on a Towing Truck


If you’re dealing with a vehicle that just won’t start due to electrical issues, weather conditions, or a collision, Newton Tire & Automotive Repair can provide you with towing services to transport your vehicle back to our shop for repair services.


Tune Ups

When was the last time you looked at your vehicle’s owner manual? If you’re like most people, you’ve only pulled out of the glovebox when something goes wrong with your vehicle.