Intake System Service & Cleaning

Intake System Service & Cleaning

Your vehicle’s fuel and air intake system can suffer from the accumulation of outside contaminates on the valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. At Mainstreet Automotive, we’ll keep your vehicle running smoothly by performing regular intake cleaning and servicing to ensure that your vehicle has restored horsepower, increased fuel economy, and reduced emissions.

We can also assist you in installing a cold air intake filter. Your stock airbox pulls air from the hot engine bay and can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s ability to produce power. A cold air intake system can circumvent this issue while providing a boost to your vehicle’s overall performance.

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Frequently Asked Question

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer
some of the more common ones.

All our services and repairs are warranted for one (1) year for 12,000 miles.

Yes, absolutely! Our technicians are highly experienced and certified.

Generally, you want to have your oil and filter changed every six (6) months or 6,000 miles.

There can be several reasons why your check engine light is on. It could be anything from as serious as engine failure or as simple as a loose gas cap. Your best option is to come in and have us run diagnostics on it to see what the issue may be.

Inside your vehicle’s owner manual, you’ll find a detailed schedule of required maintenance. Typically, you should have regular tune ups, oil and filter changes, electronic inspections, tire inspections, just to name a few.

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